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712 07:092 months ago

Have you any idea how many full blooded,fully legal citizens of Canada,that can't speak english?Should we deport them as well?

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Tauzshura 2 months ago
Can I give you +100 upvotes? :)
Dujind 2 months ago
Yes. Because this is comparing apples to elephants.
Samuzragore 2 months ago
Always looking out for me ty
Akinogore 2 months ago
This particular Muslim web site:
Gugis 2 months ago
Haha,yes,a oldie that never gets old lol.Classic.????
Shaktisho 2 months ago
Then you are puffing your chest over nothing important.
Akigor 1 month ago
So the answer is that you don't know.
Malasho 1 month ago
Well he sounds like a great'am!
Jutaxe 1 month ago
Nah, they had eunuchs in biblical times.
Yosida 1 month ago
that link isn't about orgy island.
Dulmaran 1 month ago
see how happy this lady is ..haha
Kazrarr 1 month ago
Decades of study?! ?? Pfft!
Kagarn 1 month ago
No they're based out of DC.
Gajinn 3 weeks ago
Who killed the victims? Bigfoot? John Tyler?
Maunris 2 weeks ago
Brave soldier and leader.
Tebar 1 week ago
where can I find this writing you speak of?
Brakasa 3 days ago
He flat-lined a long time ago.

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