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427 12:4710 months ago

No. I just want the Bible thumpers to quit shoving their religion down everybody's throat. They can believe what they want to believe, but they have no right to use their religion as an excuse to discriminate against others.

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Bale 10 months ago
Have you had your breakfast
Nikonos 10 months ago
Funny how you haven't produced them, fraudulent Sliver Brain.
Malale 10 months ago
Because these are events witnessed but can't be proved.
Kigazilkree 10 months ago
too many superhero movies
Bralmaran 10 months ago
is it not obvious??
Taujind 10 months ago
Maybe I have a secret twin
Vitaxe 9 months ago
I'm not the one trolling here Cupcake.
Yozshulabar 9 months ago
Respiratory infection or smth
Toshicage 9 months ago
this was the biggest lie about islam anf Muhammad.
Mura 9 months ago
Seems the local law enforcement is handling this crime.
Dagis 9 months ago
What exactly should that tell you?
Fekree 8 months ago
That's up to your own faith
Akikazahn 8 months ago
Don't worry about it: it's all nonsense
Kazranos 8 months ago
I might try to pitch some game ideas.
Mausho 8 months ago
I do indeed :)
Vurr 8 months ago
Im in ca, still voting
Vizilkree 7 months ago
I think he also did League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Gale 7 months ago
Seems to lean a bit toward the kinky side.

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