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Jada fire vs lt

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402 06:0510 months ago

And I guess stealing their best and brightest is subjective too.

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Akinojar 10 months ago
Jesus is God. This artifact proves that fact.
Meztijora 10 months ago
You can end this by answering the question.
Vihn 10 months ago
AND that sexual orientation can be selected and changed
Fer 9 months ago
He doesn't LOOK lime he's "lost" much.....
Tejar 9 months ago
I think I'll go with the obvious this time.
Bakinos 9 months ago
What are you, a 12 year old squee girl?
Dozshura 9 months ago
We got the same
Tygojas 9 months ago
Everything in Arizona has stingers, thorns, claws, or fangs.
Miran 9 months ago
I didn't read that as pity, but concern.
Aracage 9 months ago
If Fine is synonymous with illogical .
Gardarg 8 months ago
What has America become?
Kigabei 8 months ago
It's a gift for a gun nut loser.
Shasida 8 months ago
Of course. But Disqus can't have any. It's diabetic.
Kajigami 8 months ago
If My Little Pony came from hell

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