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You are not your body. You are a Spirit Being that is wearing the body. I told you and others here, Love is a fruit of the Spirit. But you all cannot comprehend this truth because you rely on that which cannot reveal anything, that cannot bring any man to the knowledge of anything because it does not deal in absolutes. Those that rely on this are truly bondage.

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Gronos 8 months ago
are you implying that you are??
Meztikree 8 months ago
O.K. I have let Shaywood know.
Gozilkree 7 months ago
so His Word the Bible, isn't a Christians guide?
Fera 7 months ago
Goodbye you rightist sucker.....Bwawawawawawawawawawa
Maukora 7 months ago
Antonia is a real nice name.
Mucage 7 months ago
Not true at all.
Kazigis 7 months ago
Watch and your eyes will burn out.
Nidal 7 months ago
California juvenile crime report.
Dujar 6 months ago
I appreciate that love, thanks!
Samuzuru 6 months ago
Stop it all you people,I'm gonna piss myself,HAHAHAHAHA
Tojaktilar 6 months ago
not in the least
Kigagrel 6 months ago
It must consider uncertainty, risks, costs, and possibilities.

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