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760 13:115 months ago

That is indeed a good story especially the bit about the pigs jumping into the sea. which is funny, because the closest sea to the city was about 50 miles away.

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Mikinos 5 months ago
Verily, verily I say unto thee, YES enough
Kazralar 4 months ago
Potential life does not equal life.
Tojalkis 4 months ago
Well, I have to reject that position.
Gardanris 4 months ago
Van Gogh would be a lot less interesting.
Zululmaran 4 months ago
Your interpretation: Jesus death on the cross ushered
Vizshura 3 months ago
And free easy access to birth control.
Nesida 3 months ago
Then can you show your god doing it?
Zulkisar 3 months ago
Is she cool, man?
Arashizahn 3 months ago
true. yet I am an angry democratic woman.
Brale 3 months ago
Lol you showed me .
Najar 2 months ago
Yeah, they are. Right from The bible.
Kir 2 months ago
Those are both good guesses. You?re getting hotter.
Mizilkree 2 months ago
One day with the Lord is a thousand years,
Tojashura 2 months ago
are you for free??
Arashijar 2 months ago
Uh oh... Bill is speaking the truth again.
Shaktill 1 month ago
So again, a "national concealed carry law"?
Micage 1 month ago
How about a red panda?
Yozshusida 1 month ago
Oh stop it Greeny you are making me blush.
Niran 1 month ago
Good you get more????????????????
Kigakinos 1 month ago
Thank you so Much tooo
JoJogar 1 month ago
NaProTechnology hasn't been proven by any clinical study.
Vudoran 4 weeks ago
Catholic bible has 73 books.

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