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I have been married to the love of my life for 29 plus years. At first I was not physically attracted to him because I thought he was married so I had this huge wall up. I was only going to use him and his group of buddies for their brains. What a b!tch, eh? One day, I asked him about his wife...He said he wasn't married. The huge wall fell... I found myself enamored from that moment on. His blue sky eyes and sexy a55 had cast this spell on me. We started out as friends...then we dated, made love and then broke up...We were like magnets...we made a deal when we hooked back up after that breakup. He and I were just going to be each other's secretive booty call through college exclusively.

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Tegul 10 months ago
No you are perfect!!
Arazshura 10 months ago
$60,659/yr doesn't buy what it used to.
Nikocage 10 months ago
Kinda says it all right there
Mazuktilar 9 months ago
Livestream American idol style.
Shakadal 9 months ago
Yes I was speaking generally.
Goltim 9 months ago
Mods are pussy fagggots
Nalmaran 9 months ago
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
Diktilar 9 months ago
This is called grasping for straws.
Fenrijas 9 months ago
oh so bad experience of yu
Vinos 9 months ago
Was she cool with it?

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