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223 10:258 months ago

That is why they changed the verbiage from global warming to climate change. Any weather anomaly, they can blame on climate change.

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Kigore 8 months ago
Mine would have been sleeping
Kajinris 8 months ago
$10k says you?re wrong, Rudy
Kajim 8 months ago
Where is my toothpaste with metal in it!
Kigarg 7 months ago
It's you're not your. Learn to spell, dope.
Mezikus 7 months ago
Its not totally mental, its also biological.
Gakinos 7 months ago
Yozshujar 7 months ago
answer my question ole son.
Tutilar 7 months ago
Yeah all of us are replaceable with technological overlords.
Fenrigul 6 months ago
Look at the hypocrisy!
Arazragore 6 months ago
...they also 'tend' to keep their faces covered.
Tetaur 6 months ago
Thanks Madmotorman. I appreciate it.
Dasho 6 months ago
Thanks, joe. Cheers to you, too.
Faujind 6 months ago
Two different things.....Refugee And Immigration system
Nikokus 6 months ago
This woman is a genius.
Nikokora 5 months ago
yes homo sapiens do indeed learn behavior.

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