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410 02:0610 months ago

I've got the highest IQ you will ever know and I believe GOD YHWH exists.

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Kazizshura 10 months ago
Liberal thought is how we get our new inventions.
Faular 10 months ago
Actually, almost all of Akron's problems are Democrat's fault.
Vitaxe 10 months ago
is it not obvious??
Moogugar 9 months ago
Is God a Guy?
Felar 9 months ago
I'ma sucka fo corn rows and manicured toes ????
Grorisar 9 months ago
Breaking of God's laws.
Kajinn 9 months ago
Again....until you talk like mature adult....
Akinok 9 months ago
Maybe Eric was the smart one after all?
Shaktikasa 9 months ago
Okay, your comment reads:
Kagataxe 8 months ago
Reasoned apiarism strikes again.
Mazujas 8 months ago
Where does Genesis mention Original Sin ?
Gorr 8 months ago
There are a few exceptions.
Mulkree 8 months ago
I pity your child.
Zolonris 8 months ago
we are passive aggressive monsters, and you know it
Ninos 7 months ago
That's actually kinda funny. LOL

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