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70 10:2011 months ago

lol... that one right there in the bushes, the shiny one.

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Togal 11 months ago
you need a dictionary.
Tauramar 11 months ago
He can be annoying, but good for lively debates.
Bataur 11 months ago
He'll have to get back to you.
Dirn 11 months ago
Wow, how did you get so good at this?!
Nagore 11 months ago
I don't know, who?
Brajind 11 months ago
yes Salt and Peppa
Dogami 10 months ago
Never was the claim.
Vuzragore 10 months ago
I gave ya a garbage bag,
Fenos 10 months ago
tell us an embarrassing song you like
Tauzragore 10 months ago
More like,Walk Of Shame,now.Who cares.I don't.
Kaganos 10 months ago
James Connelly not telling the truth? Shocking!
Yojind 10 months ago
Check my answer below to the wise genius
Tautilar 10 months ago
Cool here is a direct link to the book:
Dolar 9 months ago
youre a hottie as well :)
Dailkis 9 months ago
I didn't assume. I used 'maybe.'
Dair 9 months ago
What's your personal answer to the topic question?
JoJomi 9 months ago
These are the facts,
Shakabar 9 months ago
Irrelevant. That passage disproves your silly assertion.
Bratilar 8 months ago
no matter how you slice it.
Mikakasa 8 months ago
What wrong with tittie's

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