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527 10:3111 months ago

It is, but at least I something to occupy my time. :)

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Voodoosho 11 months ago
So, about Joel Osteen.
Vull 11 months ago
Someone has prosperity due to those tax cuts?
Faejas 11 months ago
Well; I appreciate your sentiment Mark.
Zulkitaxe 10 months ago
How old are your girls?
Zulkilkree 10 months ago
There is no such thing as "spirituality."
Fenririsar 10 months ago
Is there a difference between 'Holy and 'sacred'?
Bragal 10 months ago
Jimmy Acosta is such a whiny female organ,
Vuzuru 10 months ago
Hmm. now where did I put my rimshots?
Tuzil 10 months ago
Have you ever been on a sports team?
JoJoramar 10 months ago
Trump is a man of his words
Zulkilar 9 months ago
It?s still me, lol
Yojinn 9 months ago
?Lethal force? is written IN the rule.
Tet 9 months ago
Ah, you mean separate rather than unique?
Yozshujora 9 months ago
You just asked for
Sajind 9 months ago
How many right answers you got?
Vudojora 9 months ago
Only the gullibel believe their story.
Mauran 8 months ago
Title needs a comma.
Gardashura 8 months ago
Those are real names of beers! Lol
Fenos 8 months ago
ANY law regarding Blaphemy just as an example.
Voodoolmaran 8 months ago
Then why not call it say an interest?
Grorn 7 months ago
I am merely saying we must be responsible for
Meramar 7 months ago
It's not always wrong.
Morn 7 months ago
Cape traffic will do it every time
Nikorr 7 months ago
Don't you think so?For new ppl?
Goltilrajas 6 months ago
Tell us more about your Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
Dainris 6 months ago
Your a wrestling fan cool
Goltinos 6 months ago
He is. ?? Haha I'm in heat.
Dorr 6 months ago
You can't reason with a lunatic.

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