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Yes, you have a right to say what you want, however, certain societies, cultures, will consider some ideas as a virus of such a negative consequence that these ideas will be banned and declared to be false and evil. If someone is of a particular group, and they speak out that this is something you can all just take a look at, no prejudice, they will be cast out.

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Brabar 11 months ago
Welcome to Commifornia. Smh.
Zulubei 11 months ago
Uh huh. Keep on believing that, pumpkin.
Kigakus 11 months ago
They are no MORE legitimate either, then?
Natilar 11 months ago
Maryanne is wild. Ginger would just pose.
Juramar 11 months ago
nope. You have to use all of the letters.
Kagam 10 months ago
Many theists confuse belief with evidence.
Ararr 10 months ago
That explains Donald Trump.
Vizahn 10 months ago
You can end this by answering the question.
Goltinos 10 months ago
The OP is not Christian
Vogami 10 months ago
What's your favourite song
Samugor 10 months ago
What is the point to this really?
Daigis 10 months ago
Nope! Sorry. You NEVER answered my question.
Vudogis 9 months ago
In this case, non-Conservatives.
Zule 9 months ago
To be fair, libtards are a pretty gullible bunch.
Arabar 9 months ago
ANYTHING that takes PRIORITY in your life is like

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