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476 25:0111 months ago

Right...mankind has projected all its good qualities onto its man-made god, while claiming and retaining responsibility for its lesser qualities, without recognising it has done so.

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Nataxe 11 months ago
Or a Larson cartoon heading.
Kemi 11 months ago
That will be impossible.
Brami 11 months ago
Please read Commonwealth, Martin Large
Vut 11 months ago
Okay, that was funny.
Kazrak 11 months ago
I'd probably wonder about someone looking blue.
Goltidal 10 months ago
And where are they now?
Jurg 10 months ago
What specific examples can you name over this?
Tak 10 months ago
The ones you make up? LOL
Namuro 10 months ago looks like Detroit. ??
Moogulkree 9 months ago
Welcome to the mess that is the Abrahamic religions.
Golkree 9 months ago
We ARE gonna get him.
Arashijinn 9 months ago
This is the AA ?feel good? story for today.

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