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309 21:2910 months ago

Christians--the most common religious group posting here--insist, often aggessively, that all alternative philosophies of life are false.

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Mozuru 10 months ago
Your claims aren't your concern. Got it.
Kiganos 10 months ago
...47, I added another chapter.
Fauran 10 months ago
The left are batshit crazy
Dogar 10 months ago
Well arguing it would only make me a hypocrite.
Brar 9 months ago
Rights are given by God.
Mikajind 9 months ago
We cuddle together and fall asleep.
Zuluran 9 months ago
Just cut-and-paste where I said that
Jugis 9 months ago
Fox Fake News churns out hate and stupidity.
Tojanos 9 months ago
Don't send him money then? (I wouldn't.)
Goltigar 9 months ago
I'll pass thank you~!
Zulut 8 months ago
Anyone else, no? Thought so.
Yogul 8 months ago
Do good people seek power?
Nelrajas 8 months ago
You don't see any evidence of God? None?
Mezijind 8 months ago
Lmfao. Oh those trolls we hate to love them!!
Maugar 7 months ago
I will you always upvote you too Rita. ??

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