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658 03:1411 months ago

obama had lie and cheat to do everything he did.

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Kek 11 months ago
1. Who on GF told you?
Nizilkree 11 months ago
I do not get your intended meaning.
Tegar 11 months ago
Aww that sounds like a very nice family!!?
Yor 11 months ago
WOW! That's pretty thin!
Mele 10 months ago
Ok really like ya young lady!!
Gabei 10 months ago
No it is you
Akirr 10 months ago
That's what the entire world was hoping.
Jujind 10 months ago
There is no night in heaven.
Gozuru 10 months ago
Ahh you?re the Architect!!
Fenrim 10 months ago
Communism Socialism Democratic Socialism Social Democracy.
Maugore 10 months ago
Which of those place was made better?
Juzilkree 9 months ago
I'm looking for context for that phrase from Obama.
Yozil 9 months ago
didn't deserve any of it
Kejind 9 months ago
It's commonly referred to as nothing but LAZINESS .......
Nazil 9 months ago
Ya range to hit Israel
Kalkree 8 months ago
Does this make her The Holy Mother?
Samutaxe 8 months ago
Show us. Defend your assertion.
Dout 8 months ago
No.. bcoz it's morning here lol
Musar 8 months ago
That is precisely what an atheist is.
Shaktijas 7 months ago
who would have thought it?
Kigajind 7 months ago
You said God did X

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