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Everybody develops a wide set of cues and applies them.

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Akinolkis 11 months ago
Perhaps, you just have crummy taste in women.?????+?
Kele 11 months ago
Still waiting on you to prove he's a pagan.
Kazizshura 11 months ago
Should have kicked the shit out of ghim
Tojajin 11 months ago
No he wasn't. He was self-serving schmuck.
Totaxe 11 months ago
Trumph keep it up
Sat 10 months ago
That's actually more pleasant than most dreams I have...
Fek 10 months ago
Definitely.! Take the midnight train to anywhere
Sahn 10 months ago
It?s NYC. Come on now. Everywhere!
Shaktijas 10 months ago
The Physical Feature People Notice Most About You Is:
Mutaxe 9 months ago
Lowest Black unemployment since 1972.
Vuktilar 9 months ago
One video to answer it all .
Tygogore 9 months ago
Got to the ad hominem immediately.
Dishura 9 months ago
What is a "wrong" belief?
Shakazuru 9 months ago
So why are you commenting?
Nikojora 8 months ago
Lol.. what you doing
Mooguzahn 8 months ago
Forever the optimist! LOL
Mazuhn 8 months ago
Better tell the worlds scientists.
Gotaxe 7 months ago
Understood. Thanks for the clarification.
Tam 7 months ago
agnostics are atheist fyi
Faurn 7 months ago
Bigotry and threats the first time.
Makora 7 months ago
He's always strikes me as a less likable Nixon.
Nikobei 7 months ago
That's what the entire world was hoping.

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