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789 07:0010 months ago

I live in a city where hundreds of languages are spoken. There are certainly ethnic divisions in different neighborhoods which is due to both cultural and economic factors. However, everyone in my city still interacts and works together- we are one community, one culture with a great deal of diversity.

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Malahn 10 months ago
Only in your narrow scoped mind.
Samukora 10 months ago
This again and it's not even Monday.....or Ohio.
Kejora 10 months ago
You are being rude.
Shaktigore 10 months ago
No more than you are harassing the English language.
Nishakar 9 months ago
Better than a system killing for apostasy, blasphemy, adultery.
Nikoktilar 9 months ago
6 or 7 in EVERY NEIGHBORHOOD, Andrew!!
Meztilkis 9 months ago
Ah bull feces ??????
Goltizahn 9 months ago
Sowell is truly a man of keen perception.
Mikashakar 9 months ago
It's a good thing it isn't about that, huh?
Karisar 9 months ago
All of them point to intelligent causation.

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