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45 07:3210 months ago

I resent that sentiment.Canadians are second to no one on earth.I've said this at least a million time "Canada,love it or leave it"

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Zugami 10 months ago
He will judge everyone, even those not knowing him.
Jule 10 months ago
of course what are we drinking ????
Kazibar 10 months ago
I was bored reading the Bible.
Zumuro 10 months ago
It is apodictic. The greatest nation ever.
Arashikazahn 10 months ago
Yet, you still wish it was don't you?
Zujora 9 months ago
Can You Identify These 12 Popular 1980s Toys?
Domi 9 months ago
You don't troll. You're not argumentative. You're not inflammatory.
Nazuru 9 months ago
Yeah, but close is no cigar...Win Baby!
Mezirr 9 months ago
Got it. Only one gallon of juice!
Vudozuru 8 months ago
"Christian" (fundamental/biblical) explanations disagree with scientific ones.
Vumuro 8 months ago
Well you can inform me.
Gonris 8 months ago
A boat that flys? ??
Malanos 8 months ago
Hope i never got on your bad side :P
Kagajar 8 months ago
did I say she was?
Shakakasa 8 months ago
You sure are full of sarcasm ain't ya??
Shakakazahn 7 months ago
Does the universe have a purpose?
Yorr 7 months ago
I like a woman who strips.
Kagal 7 months ago
Trumps base suffered from serious moral erosion before.
Vikazahn 7 months ago
Everything in that painting is in Genesis.
Tejind 7 months ago
You don't know. I do.

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