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879 03:197 months ago

I have never gone out with a money for his money BUT if he has some well, it is a bonus. Although, saying that, I always do the housekeeping, food, cleaning stuff etc and Mr. Lina does the gas and electricity bills. Although I have been know to help him out on occasions. Have never asked him for any money for clothes and shoes though.

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Sar 7 months ago
Sorry but my ignorance prevents me from choosing.
Basida 7 months ago
It must be George Soros. /s
Faesho 6 months ago
Understood some of our readers might not understand.
Basar 6 months ago
HOW did life originate Ella?
Nisar 6 months ago
Now you do too.
Shaktikazahn 6 months ago
Just a load of needy attention whores, right?
Febar 5 months ago
Facts? No, you have lots of propaganda,
Arashizahn 5 months ago
Lefts reaction to MAGA winning...
Mera 5 months ago
Towing cars and panhandling to the feds.
Garan 4 months ago
How many .. & what's on current condition
Tojaktilar 4 months ago
You may be on to something there. ;)
Majinn 4 months ago
Thank you very little.
Maramar 4 months ago
bec*se I want it.
Yoshakar 4 months ago
Thank you, my extraterrestrial friend
Meshicage 4 months ago
the person in the backgrounddddd
Kajizahn 4 months ago
Guess who is in their ranks.
Malarr 3 months ago
I'm guessing that the translation software is failing.
Malalar 3 months ago
Sad...but likely true. Semper Fi hermano.
Maujinn 3 months ago
Democrats are the party of racism and bigots.
Dunos 3 months ago
I think she's tasty looking myself
Zolojin 3 months ago
Hahaha I cant afford* my bad
Douzil 2 months ago
You don't know that.

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