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943 12:028 months ago

I hope so. In my country speaking up against the Religion of Peace using electronic mediums can land you up to 5 years in jail. Not to mention the extra persecution.

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Akinomi 8 months ago
Smart people voted for Hillary? Talk about dumb!
Gak 7 months ago
Bloodsport, Connery and Dalton 007 films.
Goltigami 7 months ago
They are angry and intolerant for sure.
Vukree 7 months ago
Mother............ we lost by so little in Ohio. Sucks.
Kazragar 7 months ago
And look where he landed, winning again ???
Tojacage 7 months ago
I AM A MYSTICAL GURU you religious spiritual nut.
Nakinos 7 months ago
homophobic is ?? ?? !!!
Grojora 6 months ago
Duzahn 6 months ago
but anyone song which feels you best
Voodooshicage 6 months ago
Uhm, quote me saying that, please.
Shar 6 months ago
You responded to me.
Kaganris 5 months ago
Honey we can see right through you
Mezijora 5 months ago
Nope... Neither do I.want to have that
Zulkitaur 5 months ago
She seems like an invention.
Fegul 5 months ago
Awww . RIP little babies!
Gagis 5 months ago
No agnostics or deists either.
Yoshura 4 months ago
Yep. Jag dromde en mardrom idag. ??
Bralabar 4 months ago
You're not a discerner of truth.
Kelabar 4 months ago
no waiting the next class ....
Doushakar 4 months ago
It's in the op.
Moogulmaran 4 months ago
Anything to get someone to vote for a Democrat.

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