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I'm doing good, just watching Raw while typing on here.

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Taukora 8 months ago
nothing that already hasn't....xD
Faukasa 8 months ago
Well, ya got that one bassakwards.
Kazira 8 months ago
It was reported. Lie number one.
Tujind 8 months ago
Ok....i thought you were her...
Sashura 7 months ago
Help in which way. I could use help
Gosida 7 months ago
Until there is proof that we're not, we are.
Tegami 7 months ago
Words to describe that day continue to escape me.
Vujar 7 months ago
I can explain: he is an idiot
Kigajinn 7 months ago
LOLOL!!!! Sure, but not "mmmmmmmmm" That's one too many...
Faedal 6 months ago
Very much appriciate the input!
Dojind 6 months ago
This is Craig's Kalam Cosmological Argument:
Dainos 6 months ago
I fixed the image for you.
Tuzahn 6 months ago
And who would that be?
Brarisar 6 months ago
read matt 16:20 before you write another line.
Sak 5 months ago
Thanks for allowing me to clarify. :)
Ditilar 5 months ago
Nah. They're open to various interpretations.
Mezisho 5 months ago
No reason for it, just sayin. :)
Akile 5 months ago
Now you know this is an absurd claim:
Jukinos 5 months ago
I love you guys. I needed a laugh.
Tubei 4 months ago
Prove you have a heart precisely.
Grozil 4 months ago
Look up Dubai building jump
Zulkilabar 4 months ago
Huh don't say. lol
Tojanos 4 months ago
Quick, Red SOMETHING!....
Moogugrel 4 months ago
If you can't win an election, blame Russia.
Fenririsar 4 months ago
Oh shut the hell up. You really suck
Faerisar 3 months ago
Are the Mexicans upset about the wall?
Kagalar 3 months ago
Very well said,thanks a lot!
Kazrazragore 3 months ago
Why do Christians have such a problem with it?
Samugis 3 months ago
Losing all that is special to me!

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