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811 14:295 months ago

Then it is based on their politics, not their atheism.

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Dokus 5 months ago
?????? I'll act up on purpose then ??
Macage 5 months ago
Still more of your Christian expressions
Akinolrajas 5 months ago
And now he gets free Medicaid health insurance
Groll 4 months ago
Care to explain how:
Daishura 4 months ago
i wish i knew
Tujar 4 months ago
Johnny Depp approves of your smiley face
Mikalkis 3 months ago
The cheap way to end discussion.
Dousar 3 months ago
I don't have negative opinions of atheists in general.
Gardagis 3 months ago
Ugh. You're one of the Traditionalists, aren't you?
Doukree 3 months ago
Why would I need to pray? To what? Thor?
Douhn 3 months ago
I feel so likewise about you!
Mezibar 3 months ago
I don't agree with you on ANYTHING!
Zuzshura 2 months ago
John Wayne, I just don't know which movie.
Shakarg 2 months ago
Refusing moderation will not go well for you.
Shajind 2 months ago
To the Law, not someone.
JoJolkree 2 months ago
It's cool to find fellow wrestling fans.
Kijar 1 month ago
My sensitivity has nothing to do with this.
Fenrilmaran 1 month ago
Facts don't care about your feelings
Gushakar 1 month ago
Cosmologist believe this universe came from nothing

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