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215 14:068 months ago

I think that was my original point. Besides, you're assuming the 'believer has access to the evidence that his/her belief is true.

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Kikora 8 months ago
right. So who's responsible for his actions?
Tekinos 8 months ago
So you think Jesus gave useless advice. Ok.
Mazudal 8 months ago
Yes, coming from so called "Right Wingers" who
Akinotaxe 7 months ago
Sure I can show you a couple
Nishicage 7 months ago
I'm like the wind. I'm everywhere, man
Zugor 7 months ago
AND, by the way!
Vitaur 7 months ago
There is no crisis. Look up the word.
Shashura 7 months ago
Keep going. Come on, you can say it.....
Tojalkree 6 months ago
Why don't you ask Alex Jones, your guru?
Maugar 6 months ago
Or better yet, TruthSeekder's.
Yozil 6 months ago
a lot is a subjective measure.
Vigore 6 months ago
How could you lose the drink!!!
Yojinn 5 months ago
These are the nominees for November.
Jubar 5 months ago
A) I don't believe Adam and Eve ever existed;
Shakree 5 months ago
Wrong, evolution is simply a description of the
Zurn 5 months ago
its a feeling of superiority that most whites share.
Mezikazahn 4 months ago
Haha ?? ok dear Rosie

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