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Seems axiomatic. Of course, without any real empirical example of perfection, it's hard to test it.

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Samujas 11 months ago
The 1st Amendment is not being weaponized by anyone.
Mukree 11 months ago
Well thanks that little bottle of stuff certainly helps!.lol
Voodoolabar 11 months ago
Haha, yes I remeber that.
Yobei 11 months ago
You've acted like a jerk throughout this thread.
Dojar 10 months ago
You have done nothing but deny without proof.
Gom 10 months ago
The evidence does support it. The Bible does
Dairamar 10 months ago
Sure and was it made by conservatives or liberals?
Tojashakar 10 months ago
Thanks for posting topics and keeping things going here.
Kelar 10 months ago
And how will that take place, Bill?
Dugrel 9 months ago
not either gender, so more than two genders.
Fenrihn 9 months ago
Thank you for understanding.
Sarisar 9 months ago
ok stay alone, you've understood everything about politics!
Jujora 9 months ago
I was when you posted the gif.
Tazil 9 months ago
The stupid just never stops, does it EggFart?
Moogulkis 9 months ago
So you can eat more.
Goramar 8 months ago
Animals.With souls, and consciences.
Barisar 8 months ago
I see you forgot your ending punctuation again.

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