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816 22:437 months ago

Well that would be preaching to the choir here, lol. Look who we elected.

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Doulkis 7 months ago
And I assume that you disapprove of "secret police"?
Arasho 7 months ago
Now that was funny. Ignorant, but funny.
Kezahn 6 months ago
I upvote everyone to read through the threads
Gahn 6 months ago
What did Job learn?
Kirg 6 months ago
Where have you been hiding?
Vudorg 6 months ago
I pee in the bushes
Zulkinris 6 months ago
Does robbing usually land someone in jail?
Shaktibar 5 months ago
Owners of Pet Rocks have very Stable personalities.
Kajin 5 months ago
That was just the Little Caesars Caveman.
Meztilrajas 5 months ago
The writer of the article says?
Sazil 5 months ago
Yes and they hurt...
Zuluzil 5 months ago
you are so full of sht!
Zologor 5 months ago
I blamed him for what he owns.
Meztijinn 4 months ago
Yes, we're sinking into Lake Ontario.
Samuzahn 4 months ago
You may not be sexually confused.....
Toshicage 4 months ago
Meaning god created evil, yes?
Visho 4 months ago
Yet you fell for it all the same.
Vucage 4 months ago
I'm INFP. I don't need to take another MBPTI
Dugore 3 months ago
Then you refute your own statement.
Bar 3 months ago
one of my Fave
Samulmaran 3 months ago
he won't be getting it on.
Faejas 3 months ago
Strong accusations, can you prove it?
Zulkizshura 2 months ago
Or possibly Michael Avenatti ????
Naktilar 2 months ago
Smiles evilly... you will. ??
Kehn 2 months ago
You believe in Satan?
Galabar 2 months ago
Why "whoa" Lil's ?

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