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962 31:259 months ago

I was thinking the pic was taken at one of those parades he likes to attend and saw something amazing...What it was is anybody's guess but he appears to be very envious, to say the least.

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Arashitilar 9 months ago
why do you think you offended me by assuming??
Mern 9 months ago
To each their own.glad it worked for you.
Mezigore 9 months ago
Those Jews rejected Christ .like your hate for Christ.
Tegal 9 months ago
You can't preach atheism.
Fegrel 9 months ago
That explains the taste on my tongue
Maugami 9 months ago
Perhaps you're asking thequestions in the wrong way?
Kigarn 8 months ago
Could it be because of gravity?
Dazahn 8 months ago
So then God created life?
Voodoohn 8 months ago
throwing my phone in river)
Shakakus 8 months ago
Wow. I feel so... good.
Grogor 7 months ago
Did you not understand what I wrote?
Akisar 7 months ago
in Waiting of night ......and you???
Vudokora 7 months ago
And Russia is in the White House anyhow...
Goltiramar 7 months ago
Love ya too, babes. ??
Yozshujas 7 months ago
When your counter claim
Zubar 6 months ago
I like that Gif, thank you
Zukora 6 months ago
Charge them with what?
Shaktiramar 6 months ago
Many, many thumbs up!!!!!

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