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767 08:556 months ago

Thanks! The other one is plenty trashy! I call them short because if you printed it out it would only cover a page or two. You need at least 200 pages before I would call it a novel...

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Tebei 6 months ago
UnIronic projection now huh sandy?
Moogura 6 months ago
So you're saying it's also phallic?
Mak 6 months ago
Another wall of nothing.
Bajind 6 months ago
Who do you think you are? TNID Dr. Ruth?
Dilmaran 6 months ago
This is probably not gonna be a big thing.
Vudoramar 6 months ago
Hey brother what's up.
Kelar 6 months ago
I guess my flagger didn?t fine me here.
Dagrel 6 months ago
He will make some lie up, I am sure
Maugul 5 months ago
There isn't any mystery.
Shakataxe 5 months ago
That was a disturbing movie. Kinda' like his
Mezijora 5 months ago
Jesus fulfilled 29 prophecies in one day.
Yozshuzragore 5 months ago
I'm doing good how about you
Fenrir 5 months ago
Thanks for enjoying my comedy.
Fenrigul 4 months ago
Interesting. I have never considered things from that perspective.
Doum 4 months ago
The right ELECTED a bigot and racist.
Mera 4 months ago
I hope I have an aneurism.
Mikall 4 months ago
Yes, how many experiments did you replicate before publishing?
Meztibei 4 months ago
"what info did he tell him?"
Branris 4 months ago
Haha those are all so random :)
Malmaran 3 months ago
I?m not really interested in this back and forth.
Zolonos 3 months ago
But none of this is scientific evidence.
Tojagrel 3 months ago
You aren't representing your side well.

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