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935 37:368 months ago

LOL...I'm middle class. We're not eligible for ANYTHING. We just get the privilege of paying for everything.

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Julabar 8 months ago
That's called sorta ultra assimilating.
Majind 8 months ago
Condiments? I'm married,we don't use them
Bragis 7 months ago
The first thing is:
Akinorisar 7 months ago
Now you're borderline trolling.
Gardasida 7 months ago
I am pan. This is innate.
Gardat 7 months ago
Only to get rid of all competition.}
Nizil 7 months ago
God did not write any book, imperfect men did.
Daik 7 months ago
Welcome it's been fun :)
Taujind 7 months ago
That is truly great.
Dolabar 7 months ago
Excellent every dime back before you can apply.
Mikora 7 months ago
Again with the condescending bullshit. Pathetic.
Mezragore 6 months ago
Your double standards are the death of civilized society.
Bajar 6 months ago
He was an absolute fool,good riddance to him!
Tudal 6 months ago
That was the point
Kikora 6 months ago
This isn't about militancy at all.
Kijin 6 months ago
Meh. 2 thumbs down
Gazragore 6 months ago
And you thought you'd top it?

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