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904 06:0010 months ago

"Nearly 17% (which includes 114.7 million adults) of the survey population said that violence against civilians, is justified in order to ?defend Islam from its enemies.? --- I wonder if anybody who criticizes Islam, is considered an enemy of Islam?

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Mataxe 10 months ago
Morlock Illuminati, Underground Chapter?
Zulular 10 months ago
Okay, where's the How-to ?
Samutaxe 10 months ago
Thanks! It's not too hard to do!!!!
Volkis 10 months ago
What is an opoid?
Akidal 10 months ago
Thank you. I?m flattered.
Yozshulkree 10 months ago
wow that is a huge blemish!!
Akinoshicage 10 months ago
Cancer - wrong again.
Faelmaran 9 months ago
You have to wait until November for that.
Mazudal 9 months ago
Special Ambassador for Bad Hair Dye Jobs
JoJojind 9 months ago
Glad to know ........

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