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894 07:596 months ago

Remove your own personal opinions and bias against LGBT people, before you decide to write another blog post about us.

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Togar 6 months ago
the majority of all labeled atheists are evolved theist.
Kigaran 6 months ago
Because these are events witnessed but can't be proved.
Faekinos 6 months ago
Hopefully but you never know.
Meztibei 6 months ago
One in Genesis have a read.
Kazragor 6 months ago
It better be a good attorney!
Tegul 5 months ago
Stopping oppression is very important work.
Daicage 5 months ago
Thirty-two years and counting!
Mazragore 5 months ago
They are both fighting....did you warn ray?
Vudokus 5 months ago
Oops. I stand corrected. You are interested in politics.
Nazragore 5 months ago
I don't have a political agenda.
Guran 4 months ago
Agreed. Including part of the 700 billion defence budget.
Tuzshura 4 months ago
U just have to say nice words once a
Vidal 4 months ago
You still can't get your mind around that?
Gogal 4 months ago
Stats are not racist they are earned.
Dobei 4 months ago
It can be akin or totally unrelated with reality.
Migis 4 months ago
OK yours is a stupid comment.
Dulrajas 3 months ago
Why do you ask Johanon?
Munris 3 months ago
islam made them human .
Faushura 3 months ago
Everything ultimately ends up with the Illuminati.
Tulkis 3 months ago
The worse for them.
Nasar 3 months ago
To try to silence anyone is illiberal, not liberal.
Marn 3 months ago
Do you comprehend what that means?
Nashicage 3 months ago
because you are mad....
Marisar 2 months ago
LOL, love your TDS issues Smiley.
Yojar 2 months ago
The man who created this thread
Mozuru 2 months ago
Better than a system killing for apostasy, blasphemy, adultery.
Gozshura 2 months ago
'Turd the Third' !
Kizil 2 months ago
It is way too early to be that drunk.

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