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I'm not claiming that what I learned in the University does not contradict my beliefs. I'm simply claiming that what is considered to be science is in all actuality not in a lot of cases.

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Vushicage 8 months ago
That's it, I just couldn't remember the name.
Gardatilar 8 months ago
Trump is already a master con artist.
Arashizahn 7 months ago
That's a powerful point there
Mikami 7 months ago
"You wish there was a universal understanding."
Momuro 7 months ago
You're talking about US citizens who have never:
Balkree 7 months ago
I guess you are right about that. 100% A+
Yorisar 6 months ago
I shall protest by burning the Mexican flag.
Kem 6 months ago
I posted pics already ??????
Sajin 6 months ago
Ooh, they might have SEX!
Dashakar 6 months ago
I recall you mentioning not arguing about definitions ;)
Arashishakar 6 months ago
You're a goddamned bigot and it shows.
Mezimuro 5 months ago
Good luck All 13% of you.
Kigajin 5 months ago
Have you ever been on a sports team?
Tojalkree 5 months ago
oh wow sooo coool loveable
Akinom 5 months ago
Nowdays she is coming very less :((

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