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818 07:4110 months ago

Meh. Bring an argument, not make some claim as a counter to my argument

Category: Cheating
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Tojalrajas 10 months ago
Deplorables come up with the weirdest stuff. For what?
Moogurg 10 months ago
Please edit or delete this comment.
Goktilar 10 months ago
See this is all I ask.
Nisho 10 months ago
Only One? Which one is that?
Mazule 9 months ago
I will refer you to the
Nikogore 9 months ago
You talking about your society in India?
Kazirg 9 months ago
How old are you, 5?
Febei 9 months ago
That's because of you, Vaseline Boy.
Mishicage 9 months ago
8-track, now that takes me back!
Golkis 9 months ago
Thank you non vampire lord jesus
Kek 8 months ago
-"That punch is spiked."
Muzshura 8 months ago
Where is this person coming from?
Dairamar 8 months ago
Ah you hacked my Instagram
Vudokinos 8 months ago
Oh I did. I am clearly at fault.
Faulkis 8 months ago
Then it's all his fault.
Arashirr 8 months ago
It isn't. Get a grip.
Mazshura 8 months ago
So why are you commenting?
Daik 8 months ago
Too bad they go off and fail at times.
Malashicage 7 months ago
I don't remember seeing that one...
Samugor 7 months ago
Yeah, people being polite, productive, happy...
Kigore 7 months ago
You sweet doll! SO SEXY!
Kejinn 7 months ago
Fa real bout it ??????

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