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Yeah, you?re right. There?s no control group. But after a few centuries, the culture of Western Europe picked up where the Romans left off. Certainly Christianity fueled architecture, literature and art, and because or in spite of Christianity, Western Culture exploded In advances like no other culture before it. Of greatest importance, IMHO, Christian philosophy of individual dignity and freedom gave rise to the Great American Experiment in self-governance.

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Faugul 10 months ago
Flagged for racist language.
Gojas 10 months ago
Uh, maybe a strike
Akir 10 months ago
You have Google, go look it up.
Zum 10 months ago
Luckily, I don?t live in that house anymore. ??
Kagagal 10 months ago
The KJV isn't the original. It isn't even close.
Kazralar 9 months ago
And liberals are way cooler than conservatives.
Dairn 9 months ago
We are the Pure and Chosen few,
Arashibei 9 months ago
Rasmussen Poll: always accurate and true.
Fenrigul 9 months ago
"Get up, Peter. Kill and eat."
Yozilkree 9 months ago
Some funny things to remember...from way back when...
Sabar 9 months ago
Clearly not. After all. You should know.
Yozshukinos 8 months ago
You find some cool Gif's. You have me beat.
Doujar 8 months ago
hate this racist prick.
Zulurr 8 months ago
Giving it voice bubbles is hilarious.
Mezirg 8 months ago
How about "In Science We Trust"?
Jugar 8 months ago
our souls eternal fate?
Migrel 8 months ago
Don't fall in love with him :P
Akill 7 months ago
Who is that ugly woman?
Kigasida 7 months ago
It's all about the White Genocide Project,Doony Boy
Juran 7 months ago
The Lord's grace is sufficient for all
Tolar 7 months ago
An alt-left organization blaming the
Tuzahn 7 months ago
Let's ask Ken what Barbie thinks.
Aranos 6 months ago
I see your eyes are the same as mine

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