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926 10:489 months ago

While I don't think he meant it the way you're interpreting it (I interpreted it more as a 'there is no value to it if you can't prove it'), I can see why that would anger you, I wouldn't judge you on that. I'm not trying to bully you, for the record, just trying to improve the quality of the conversation.

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Vobei 8 months ago
That's a good idea.
Tujinn 8 months ago
Sharp as a bowling ball
Maujin 8 months ago
Git you a big sign that sayz
Dasho 8 months ago
I don't know what to do ....
Mooguzuru 8 months ago
Seems you missed that part.
Moogutilar 7 months ago
sorry that happen to you Kelly.......
Aranos 7 months ago
It's not nice to fool her, either.
Memi 7 months ago
LOL. Youre not very aware of yourself are you?
Meztilmaran 7 months ago
I'm not a main nor side dish :P
Melrajas 7 months ago
premier have banned him can you believe it?

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