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983 31:188 months ago

That's a bold claim you can't prove, Rev. Like usual.

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Gunris 8 months ago
Atleast you didn't say no..
Bataur 8 months ago
Do you know them now?
Kimi 7 months ago
Or the kind you smoke.
Maubei 7 months ago
Anxiety is real serious problem for me
Metilar 7 months ago
ikr pray for him please thanks
Masida 7 months ago
Don't go to Dubai. Their human rights record sucks.
Tygoshakar 7 months ago
Why would we ever complain?
Arakus 7 months ago
the american way of life!
Kigakus 7 months ago
The first thing I do is defend my wife.
Groll 6 months ago
Lincoln was a liberal.
Nalkree 6 months ago
Sight the section of which you speak.
Doubar 6 months ago
Oh, dear, you might be right.
Mukora 6 months ago
You can prove your point without cursing at people.
Fenrizahn 6 months ago
Bill Clinton left office in 2001.
Gukasa 5 months ago
Like I said, mine are different.
Yozshusida 5 months ago
To bad it's not real
Kagor 5 months ago
Shoot coin star it
Faegami 5 months ago
That's what the President is proposing. Brilliant!
Kilabar 5 months ago
I have more faith in people than you do
Zulusho 4 months ago
Or a different word that "up?"
Fenrigore 4 months ago
sure as hell is not me pal
Samuran 4 months ago
"My god can kick your god's ass!"

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