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750 26:0410 months ago

I'd pay to watch that! Here's my down payment -

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Dahn 10 months ago
I have a crush on a Scorpio
Tolkree 10 months ago
Only pointless if you believe you have no choice.
Malagis 10 months ago
That?s all that?s needed. The truth needs no embellishments.
Akinojind 10 months ago
This is such BS.
Akinoshicage 9 months ago
I generally grab a margarita or an adios motherf*cker
Nabar 9 months ago
Much older? How old are you 25/26?
Zulular 9 months ago
Equality and diversity is a bad thing?
Donos 9 months ago
It's not that easy.
Arajar 9 months ago
Wouldn't it have to exist to have free will?
Nikolkis 8 months ago
The Alarmist are flat earthers. Wrong on every count.
Mezilkis 8 months ago
But the language you use is still English?
Mezikinos 8 months ago
"Nobody is talking about abolishing the 2nd Amendment."
Faushicage 7 months ago
Everyone has some sort of security blanket.
Dirisar 7 months ago
So let?s recap ?
Kajijas 7 months ago
Heart beat seems like a fair compromise.
Yolar 7 months ago
His farts have more intelligence than your dribble.
Mauktilar 6 months ago
Brought you a Seabiscuit.
Shagrel 6 months ago
oh so hot really
Tulabar 6 months ago
My job is done then....hahaha
Meztigami 6 months ago
Great example of bible contradictions
Gar 5 months ago
Trump hires the BEST... criminals.
Vora 5 months ago
Hmmm. What if they?re hurting themselves?
Dugar 5 months ago
Wit and WLC have never occupied the same space.
Meztilrajas 5 months ago
You still haven?t provided any proof for your claim.
Mezikazahn 5 months ago
She squats/sits to pee?
Meztimuro 4 months ago
FINALLY some gets what i say.
Minris 4 months ago
Like violate the Hatch Act... repeatedly.

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