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520 13:128 months ago

1. It has not been demonstrated to be true or correct.

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Kezahn 8 months ago
Lots of people believe that it's literally true.
Shajar 8 months ago
Tell that to Bernie Sanders.
Togar 8 months ago
Here's the discussion we were invited to.
Kagabar 7 months ago
hi i am your mum
Vumi 7 months ago
Strange that you cannot explain your message.
Kagar 7 months ago
is sneaky a better word?
Tojar 7 months ago
Lol, no. Enforcement is not possible, and
Shakazilkree 7 months ago
The Organgrinder/monkey relationship is very complicated... I mean ?sophisticated?
Dat 7 months ago
The Son of God is God.
Yogore 7 months ago
"Darkness beneath the Lamp" , possibly.
Dur 6 months ago
A little... But not too bad...
Vudot 6 months ago
Letting it leak is different in what significant way?
Shaktihn 6 months ago
Cats are a sweet animal
Meztijora 6 months ago
That's fine, I stole it from the Patriot Post.
Maukasa 6 months ago
republicans HAVE the majority right now----did you know?
Tygozilkree 6 months ago
How about you post a credible argument
Samulkree 5 months ago
Pharaoh didn't kill them. God did.
Yozshur 5 months ago
Depends on what your church/mosque wants to accomplish, right?
Volkis 5 months ago
Perhaps 'tis necessary experience for the parents?
Shale 5 months ago
Rocket science is not that difficult!
Moogujora 5 months ago
Let's not be prejudice. Auntie Maxine wants top billing.????????????

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