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246 12:4610 months ago

She is an actress the vast majority of them have mental issues. There are probably not ten actor in Hollywood that are not seeing a therapist.

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Faugal 10 months ago
Tabei 10 months ago
What kind of evidence do you think you have?
Akinora 10 months ago
Popcorn, pirate streaming.... sshhh.
Mogis 10 months ago
English isn't your first language, you're hardly an authority.
Grolmaran 9 months ago
1500 !! That's it, good night !
Masar 9 months ago
It's what we do. ?
Masida 9 months ago
Atheists use religion to cause harm to unborn babies.
Faugore 9 months ago
Seek the Truth you will find it.
Kadal 9 months ago
Youre right. Ive wasted enough time responding to you.
Sajora 9 months ago
I pity your child.
Magrel 9 months ago
The same for small Southern towns.
Grokora 8 months ago
Lol! you are a trip
Dodal 8 months ago
life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.....duh
Voodoole 8 months ago
You can't hardwire the ineffable.

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