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299 06:2610 months ago

That?s not what I asked for. Those are vague terms aboit a theory you have. None of that is proof one led to the other.

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JoJokora 10 months ago
my talent...?...I'm a manager, my client.....xD
Zulujin 10 months ago
Conspiracy is my guess.
Shaktigal 10 months ago
Does it happen anywhere?
Kazigul 9 months ago
Oh my, :-), I though you were single
Zologor 9 months ago
Who cares what strangers think?
Zubar 9 months ago
Join the club, Sister.
Moogujinn 9 months ago
A win for Missouri workers.
Shalar 9 months ago
You didn't speak to a grown up did you?
Nishakar 9 months ago
This is low; even from you
Dounris 9 months ago
i find your use of the word 'what immoral.
Kigazil 9 months ago
Not your "dude", but whatever floats your boat.
Mot 8 months ago
I don't have negative opinions of atheists in general.

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