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223 08:006 months ago

When are we going to get rid of these RINO traitors?

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Kerg 6 months ago
My man crush is just smug ??????
Kajijind 6 months ago
Hope you are off to a great start!
Malarn 5 months ago
This site lets you search:
Kenos 5 months ago
is this accompanied by trump derangement syndrome?
Gahn 5 months ago
Why would I want to?
Shakashicage 5 months ago
Will my good looks work? ??
Nagal 5 months ago
Not meaningless, an opinion.
Mut 5 months ago
I give $200/m for unlimited 4G
Vudonos 4 months ago
No worries just checking.
Vulrajas 4 months ago
but me change ...LOL
Goltilabar 4 months ago
Play on playa ??????
Moogum 4 months ago
It was the Battle Flag.
Grolabar 4 months ago
What part does the cartoon get wrong?
Kigajas 3 months ago
Hanging isn?t stoning or beheading. Duh!
Zulushicage 3 months ago
If you have to say you're're not. :-(
Yozshular 3 months ago
My book say differently.
Nizshura 3 months ago
Rose is the only person you know on here?
Nile 3 months ago
I totally agree, RMFM!
Vudozshura 3 months ago
Is that true or are you joking about that?
Arashile 3 months ago
LOL....they NEVER look like the ads....YOU know that!
Mizahn 2 months ago
So websters dictionary is wrong and Sandy is right?
Fetilar 2 months ago
Now put up some marriage stats.
Nikogis 2 months ago
i think you are joking.thanks
Kigore 2 months ago
You don?t know what ?the royal we? is. ??????

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