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669 07:124 months ago

And the tens of thousands of kids born to couples where the woman doesn't have a regular period. Oh yeah, abstinence. That really works. (sarcasm)

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Faezshura 4 months ago
The conclusion is from the article, not mine.
Nikokasa 4 months ago
So only those First Amendment rights you agree with?
Voodoomi 4 months ago
So your answer to my query would be?
Mejin 3 months ago
Categorizing is a good way to understand a group.
Akinorisar 3 months ago
Its also 6 years old.
Nar 3 months ago
No...actually he's mad at me...I thinks. sigh
Jujas 3 months ago
your comment was in reposnse to this:
Kegal 3 months ago
The Christian Church retarded not only science...
Vulkis 3 months ago
And is that a good thing?
Mutaur 2 months ago
"Y2k comes to mind!"
Bajin 2 months ago
You went full retard never go full retard.
JoJole 2 months ago
I did. I moved myself out of the Way.
Kajira 2 months ago
Spin-off making fridges better insulated could happen.
Akimi 2 months ago
So very true and very well said..
Kajimuro 2 months ago
You guys are killin me! :D
Yokree 2 months ago
That mayor needs removed for treason
Nigul 1 month ago
Do you seriously think that God has a p*nis?
Barr 1 month ago
Well, that's a lot of twists to be sure.
Moogukasa 1 month ago
I like your avatar
Mazukree 1 month ago
I bet he is a junk food junkie.
Akinolabar 4 weeks ago
This is call Old Testament Prophecy! Isn't it Beautiful?

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