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135 08:408 months ago

I realise I shouldn't be offended by this. but. somehow I can't help but be? :)

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Nell 8 months ago
The real problem is the doctrine of Islam.
Keshicage 8 months ago
Impressive cultural appropriation, Islam follows latest trends:)
Akinozragore 8 months ago
Yes. You did. By omission.
Tasar 8 months ago
A creamy and tasty shot of supplemental protein!
Meztill 8 months ago
Destroy? That doesn't make sense
Kajijora 7 months ago
Conservatives are viewed as backward racists.
Doran 7 months ago
As opposed to fake Americans;which ones would those be?
Bralar 7 months ago
$10k says you?re wrong, Rudy
Sara 7 months ago
This will piss Democrats off
Faezilkree 7 months ago
18% that's about half of Trump's followers.
Juzahn 6 months ago
....send the orange turd !!!
Daijind 6 months ago
According to CNN...the Russian bear craps in our cave.
Tygoktilar 6 months ago
Well, aren't you the condensing jackass.
Zugal 6 months ago
Your frustration is noted.
Kigatilar 6 months ago
I've just always liked this picture.
Kirisar 6 months ago
It's actually an important distinction.
Faucage 6 months ago
Hahaha nice- Im glad she is ok :)
Yozshumuro 5 months ago
Hey chopper. How are you?
Yolkree 5 months ago
becoming upset about a fatuous t shirt is enlightened?
Gardall 5 months ago
You have deficits in drawing accurate conclusions.
Dirn 5 months ago
Please find an American who:
Balmaran 5 months ago
Malabar 5 months ago
California has 200,000 US servicemen stationed in that state.

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