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28 10:5710 months ago

Yep what happened to those Indonesian people this weekend was just chock full of grace

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Gardadal 10 months ago
Answer her in the name of science
Mezisar 10 months ago
Dang! Would you look at that. :)
Toshicage 10 months ago
Right below. This segment specifically: "
Mazulkree 10 months ago
Always looking out for me ty
Brazragore 9 months ago
I didn't make that much till..... I've
Kajigami 9 months ago
I was being factious. Its still a human being
Mizil 9 months ago
Functionally, yes: it?s nonexistent
Arashirisar 9 months ago
The ones they think they understand...But don't.
Tojar 8 months ago
Wouldn't count on that anymore ...
Mazugore 8 months ago
The technology was developed decades ago for terrorism investigation.
Dohn 8 months ago
Kill Bill (vol I)
Dizilkree 8 months ago
I respect that position much more than atheism.
Telrajas 8 months ago
No, the anti-vacc conspiracy is that they cause autism.
Melmaran 7 months ago
I disagree on every point you made.
Akinozilkree 7 months ago
Nice. What's up Lantern how are you today.
Tojalabar 7 months ago
No, you are! And i heart the avi??
JoJojinn 7 months ago millennia. No need to bash scientists.
Shanris 6 months ago
Same! Only 50 more minutes left it says! Lol
Moogukora 6 months ago
you have always been doing that. Why not now?
Akilkree 6 months ago
Do crows ALWAYS fly?
Faura 6 months ago
Star pupil here. :)
Vizragore 6 months ago
You're having a discussion about the wrong topic.
Meztir 6 months ago
Who has taken Jones away from you?
Kazile 6 months ago
Did you have fun?
Galrajas 6 months ago
They all are beautiful
Voodoonris 6 months ago
Ahh, I see, thanks.
Yozshukree 6 months ago
Valid point. Sloppy wording on my part.
Mezidal 6 months ago
And so it goes... Night Mike.
Jukree 5 months ago
White. White white white.
Kakree 5 months ago
Dude, you have no idea.

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