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526 09:4710 months ago

Who's doing that? Saudi Arabia? India? China? We have regulations against doing such extreme drilling and mining, they do not. Look it up. Nothing we do can fix what they keep doing. Get it? We can ban all petroleum tomorrow. Stop all plastic use. The percentage of global pollution changes by less than 10 percent. Our air pollution is one of the lowest. Our plastic waste is also way down on the chart. China, Vietnam, and Indonesia are at the top, with more that 25% each. That's insanity. That leaves less than 25% divided among 100 other countries. Let's pull our 5% and put a huge dent /s

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Meztizilkree 10 months ago
Fossils and DNA are Evidence , not proof.
Zulugor 10 months ago
You're welcome to that belief
Basho 10 months ago
I look at it this way: There were no
Kacage 9 months ago
I like that Erisian Amen .
Zushicage 9 months ago
Hahhaa I love you
Ketaxe 9 months ago
Ah yes good song.
Gat 9 months ago
Lmao!!!! You crack me up.
Kegami 8 months ago
Are you really this stupid or just messing around?

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