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809 10:016 months ago

I guess I think encouraging capitalism and protecting property rights will lead to good things. If there is a market for it, some smart individual will create an conservative-leaning alternative to Disqus, and it will thrive. My guess is there isn't, and this is just butt-hurt we are hearing.

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Mutaur 6 months ago
Boredom. Routine. Settled. No adventure.
Kazrazshura 6 months ago
I don?t see anything wrong with that (-:
Meztishakar 6 months ago
Ancient men claimed tbat. No god did. Fable.
Jule 6 months ago
So what is the issue then?
Tulrajas 5 months ago
How to contact this knucklehead:
Dokree 5 months ago
Your name change is freaking me out. Cool, though.
Nit 5 months ago
I am not Jewish I am a Christian.
JoJosho 5 months ago
Now there's a silly comment.
Vucage 5 months ago
Especially Tiffany. Poor Tiffany
Bajar 4 months ago
could you do it to someone irl thooo
Grolabar 4 months ago
And I feel fine?
Banos 4 months ago
He?s my dog faced puffer fish.
Tet 4 months ago
Pan is an atheist.
Kitaur 4 months ago
Probably right, consider it a paraphrase, lol.
Fauzahn 4 months ago
Care to cite my claim?
Mikajin 4 months ago
You mean the Late Pastor Fred Phelps.
Doulkree 4 months ago
Funny how you can't produce it.
Dokora 3 months ago
Finish the fencing or "the wall?"

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