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393 04:418 months ago

Don't forget that also having Tesla triumph over Edison would've also helped people recognize what Tesla had to offer the planet and humanity.

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Mazuzil 8 months ago
Really? Michael Cohen dropped his lawsuit against them.
Mikree 7 months ago
Oh no, I believe he's all knowing.
Taujar 7 months ago
Some things just aren't meant to be seen.
JoJotilar 7 months ago
Bullshit. Now you're flat out lying. Simply pathetic.
Dourisar 7 months ago
?Racist? is a word liberals overuse to trigger people.
Nikole 7 months ago
your pretty cool ;D i salute to u to!
Dirn 6 months ago
Hopefully they temper each other.
Grolar 6 months ago
America is the greatest nation in the world.
Grokora 6 months ago
Haha ice cold ????
Tunris 6 months ago
That's exactly what I'd do.
Kegis 6 months ago
This dude loves hockey ??
Kekree 5 months ago
Knock it off FDeplorables.
Zulukora 5 months ago
Did you just call me a moose?
Miramar 5 months ago
He doesn't have to be . its his choice.
Negrel 5 months ago
That is a fair question...
Faubar 5 months ago
I thought atheism was about logic, not emotions.
Guhn 5 months ago
Nice attempt to blame shift.
Nele 4 months ago
Better that you stick to what you can understand.
Kazibei 4 months ago
I didn't think it required dumbing down.
Turan 4 months ago
The evidence gets worse.
Dairr 4 months ago
So God has to do without?
Brakinos 4 months ago
Can I borrow your funny glasses some time?
Arakree 4 months ago
The analysis in this article...
Nikojora 3 months ago
Cookoo cookoo cookoo cookoo
Shakak 3 months ago
I agree completely. I am the same way.
Voodookora 3 months ago
I DO put the s^&&%^ on everything! LOL
Gosho 3 months ago
How about Heather Heyer?
Tojaktilar 3 months ago
But you see, he rebelled because he is
Gujas 2 months ago
Dubai is awesome. My favorite vacation spot
Voodoogis 2 months ago
Nah that grandma would possibly be rich

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