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698 16:007 months ago

Can we ask Sarah Sanders, if we could stop so much water flowing out into the ocean, maybe Puerto Rico wouldn't be surrounded by the stuff?

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Tern 7 months ago
Sleeping Beauty Disney TOMS. Do you like TOMS?
Vozilkree 7 months ago
Good point. Very good point.
Mok 6 months ago
I assure you, that's not the only difference.
Branris 6 months ago
Are you an astronomer?
Dugis 6 months ago
You: Animals are not sentient creatures.
Vugami 5 months ago
You can't think of one?
Mauk 5 months ago
Jeff was the racist.
Meztigal 5 months ago
Bacon, guitar, varying configurations.
Shaktira 5 months ago
Adam and Eve are pure myth.
Kirr 5 months ago
VERY VERY well said!!
Zululkis 5 months ago
The proof is in UNDERSTANDING God's written(KJV Word!
Dam 5 months ago
I have considered the possibility of being wrong.
Zulugami 4 months ago
Yeah I'm shy Lol
Akigar 4 months ago
Glad you liked the reply
Kazizragore 4 months ago
Then you didn't try.
Kazirg 4 months ago
My people? Who are they?
Gardaktilar 4 months ago
Then God has dodged my question.
Darn 4 months ago
they are like chimps on trees,
Morg 3 months ago
Californian's would never behave like this....
Akinosar 3 months ago
I got Chucky lol
Mazubei 3 months ago
Pointing out your inconsistencies is not a personal attack.
Akitaxe 3 months ago
That's because they "write", not "writes".
Dujar 3 months ago
You're misrepresenting my beliefs. And you're being unfriendly, insulting.
Voodooramar 3 months ago
I slept pretty good. Glad to be back up

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