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600 13:186 months ago

I agree 100%!!! I believe this is the best president this country has EVER had!!! EVER!

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Voran 6 months ago
Let me correct the funny statements you wrote.
Tojas 6 months ago
At least two hours
Viktilar 6 months ago
Very cool, back when they were good.
Dalkree 6 months ago
Not seriously, no, but certainly ironic.
Vucage 6 months ago
Mongo just pawn in game of life.
Tygolmaran 6 months ago
Time it properly or I might drown.
Mer 6 months ago
Talk about a miss delivery!!! ???? ????
Braramar 5 months ago
It's in our rules. You should read them.
Nijora 5 months ago
Which is always actually.
Zunris 5 months ago
I would say not even close.
Moogugrel 5 months ago
Frozen tongue? What does that mean?
Dadal 4 months ago
That's because they "write", not "writes".
Kejind 4 months ago
My starting point is always Wikipedia.
Kijind 4 months ago
If there is no job thew,who pays the cost?
Tejar 4 months ago
Lol I live by a Drury lane
Nesar 3 months ago
Ok still if he is threatening then?????
Dour 3 months ago
Well, yes, I have.
Sagrel 3 months ago
How does abnormal mean nonexistent?
Mezisida 3 months ago
"Both communism and capitalism are inhuman."
Yom 3 months ago
It has been tried more than once.
Mikajin 3 months ago
Whatever salary this 'professor' has, he is completely overpaid........
Mezizilkree 3 months ago
I just explained why it's false.
Mumuro 2 months ago
I will have to remember this one lmfao.
Kagagore 2 months ago
You shouldn?t allow yourself to be so easily triggered.
Douzragore 2 months ago
Christian science is an oxymoron.
Nalkree 2 months ago
nah..just chuck him back over....
Grogrel 2 months ago
I suppose that's fair enough :)
Zubar 2 months ago
It?s like a third world country. Two words...NOT WELCOME
Arashidal 2 months ago
7 dogs, 3 cats, 1 goldfish, 1 bird
Akijar 2 months ago
Are you sure you were using the right organ?

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