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941 06:0010 months ago

Lol that's fair, I have a second job to work though!

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Tajin 10 months ago
He spoke "that word".
Dibar 10 months ago
You can say it with no witnesses.
Gora 10 months ago
Eden is the Heavens World for Mankind.
Dirn 10 months ago
This is how low-functioning, uncivilized, sub-human filth handles confrontation.
Dakazahn 9 months ago
Yep. You just described yourself. Pax.
Daizshura 9 months ago
Yes, yes you are.
Mokree 9 months ago
Wass matter boo boo?
Mogami 9 months ago
The password I mean
Fenrizil 9 months ago
Morning Gul how are you today
Yobar 9 months ago
To each their own.glad it worked for you.
Groll 9 months ago
...The Trump/Putin Election Hack Conspiracy Theory...for one.
Malkis 9 months ago
Kept canaries don't care who they shit on.
Milrajas 9 months ago
Yeah they are ????????????
Faushicage 9 months ago
We know He did.
Kajik 8 months ago
Only one wig big enough for that....
Taukora 8 months ago
We cant prove or disprove God.
Fauhn 8 months ago
It sounds like all sex is discouraged.
Goltizshura 8 months ago
Hell, that's more than I can do.
Faejind 7 months ago
I miss her too.
Naran 7 months ago
How about the Patriot
Nenos 7 months ago
Liberals control how well all movies do?
Shagar 7 months ago
Again, what did I get wrong?
Akiran 7 months ago
Galileo Galilei is also a man. Meanwhile,
Mezigar 6 months ago
Here's a good one.
Vull 6 months ago
M&M is trying to be tricky again?
Moogukinos 6 months ago
Who stole the money?
Nikomuro 6 months ago
Drink coffee, hammock outside, and be crazy with friends
Maujind 6 months ago
That makes the truth of it suspect.
Moogugore 5 months ago
And its a pretty messy burger to be sure!
Kazizil 5 months ago
Isn't it awfully nice to have a penis?

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