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In order for an individual to apply to become a naturalized U.S. citizen (USC), s/he must be age 18 or older. Thus, in the typical situation of a family living in the United States as lawful permanent residents, the minor children will not be eligible to file for naturalization with their parents.Mar 16, 2017

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Akit 10 months ago
Hitler? Mussolini? Pol Pot?
Zulushura 10 months ago
And how long have you been in?
Shabar 10 months ago
I love you Samantha Micelli. Always will
Zulkik 9 months ago
Being ignorant and homophobic is irrelevant to the issue.
Tauzshura 9 months ago
Do you have a Wendy's?
Zolozuru 9 months ago
You're thinking of God as a being
Nanos 9 months ago
You upvoted me. Why?
Gam 9 months ago
Yup, kinda shows how stupid prayer is.
Mogore 9 months ago
OK, Ill... It's over; let it go now.
Jushicage 9 months ago
As does Reagan, George HW Bush, Bob Dole.
Meztimuro 8 months ago
No coffee... =/ LOLOL!!!
Nektilar 8 months ago
Agreed. Including part of the 700 billion defence budget.
Zololl 8 months ago
Victims come in all kinds.
Faet 8 months ago
Nonsense is never beneficial.
Tosar 8 months ago
And Russia is working hard to demoralize them again.
Akit 8 months ago
sounds like a lust for violence
Samudal 8 months ago
You are sweet & beautiful
Vudodal 7 months ago
and spelled her name wrong. nice try.
Vudotaxe 7 months ago
Nope it's a choir to get them cut
Samule 7 months ago
No... Liberals are Trying to Silence FILTH not Opposition....

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