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713 07:546 months ago

Nice smokescreen for lack of argument. Have a great evening.

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Meztill 6 months ago
Oooops! Sorry, josh.I shoulda added:
Tobar 6 months ago
So you support JTs stance with Saudi Arabia?
Tonris 6 months ago
That answer I can understand.
Dule 5 months ago
I thought you might like that....
Gashura 5 months ago
You are welcome, Grasshopper.
Tarr 5 months ago
How long does it take someone to eat lunch?
Kashakar 5 months ago
Go for the neck snowy??????
Menris 4 months ago
If it pays do it
Tocage 4 months ago
Never. You save actual lives, not comments.
Vozil 4 months ago
?????? how soon you forget...
Doshura 4 months ago
Then show your sources.
Togor 4 months ago
How can you run out of tortillas loquitooo lol
Nirg 4 months ago
Did I claim it wasn't true?
JoJotaxe 4 months ago
I sure no one is surprised your wife
Akinoll 3 months ago
She sounds like fun...
Tojashicage 3 months ago
I'm thinking she hasn't got a chance lol
Daishura 3 months ago
That contains a whole lot of metaphysical claims.
Brabar 3 months ago
Liar, now refute what I posted coward
Doujora 3 months ago
'stunned cow' That is a great line!

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